GForm - Flexible Protective Gear that harden on impact

Posted on December 12, 2014 by Edmund Vong

Some things never change. Like helmets and protective gear. They have hard shells on the outside for the asphalt and soft, cushy insides for your skull or your knee cap. Colors and shapes may have changed but not very much else.

So imagine our surprise when Gform introduced their range of soft protective pads that harden on impact.

Gform protective gear uses a mix of special materials and proprietary technology in polymer chemistry to make their protective gear soft and flexible when worn, but turn instantly hard and protective during impact. The science is beyond us but see the videos to believe it. 

The special material allows Gform to make gear that are thin, light and flexible. They feel like leg and arm warmers more than protective pads. The flex and stretch means the gear hinders movement less than traditional gear.

This is welcome news for the thousands of skaters who practice unprotected skating only because they don't like to strap on chunky, restrictive and sweat inducing gear.

For the style conscious, there is the added benefit of being able to wear Gform gear under jeans, baggy pants or shorts.

 We handed out some Gform gear for our instructors who wear protective gear hours at a time to test. No one has returned them yet, and that says something.

As with all things, the test is in the trying. Visit our stores to pull on these revolutionary gear. See for yourself if they are fad or fab. Or see the collection in our catalog.