New!: Rollerblade Twister Pro

Posted on July 08, 2016 by Edmund Vong

The Rollerblade Twister Pro is a souped up version of the very successful Twister 80. It raises the bar yet again for a comfortable and high performance urban skate.

The differences between the Twister Pro and Twister 80 are as follows:

Twister Pro
Twister 80 
Wheel: Made-In-USA Rollerblade New Hydrogen 80mm/85a Supreme 80mm/85a
Liner: Pro Liner 5 Star fit
Frame "PRO" 7005 series Alu. 243mm "Hot Rod" extruded Alu, 243mm
Bearings Twincam ILQ - 9 Classic Plus SG7


All these differences makes the Twister Pro a faster, more responsive skate with a boot that grips the foot more closely. We think it looks nicer too. Think of it as the grown-up, more successful older brother or sister of the Twister 80.