Community Projects

Skate Assist Volunteers

Skaters who are interested to do more with their skating skills are recruited as SAVs. They are exposed to more opportunities to participate in regular events and activities, providing assistance and knowledge to other commuters or skaters to make this sport fun and safe.


Park Watch Programme

Launch of Park Watch Scheme 
The launch of the Park Watch Scheme by the National Parks Board will be on 9th March 2003.
Time : 10:00am (Be there by 9:15am)
Venue : ECP Car Park C2 (Near Bowling Centre)


Skateline Charity Events

Skateline is a community focused organization and from its inception has been involved in involving skaters to be a part of the community. Charity events have been an integral part of skateline's effor to make a contribution to the community at large.

Singapore River Fiesta Skate for Charity 1999 (Touch Community)

Singapore River Fiesta Skate for Charity 2000 (Touch Community)

SAFRA Runway Cycling 2002 (MINDS)

Skate Aid 2002 (Chidren's Cancer Foundation)

Skateline Inline Hockey Charity Cup 2002

Skateline Inline Hockey Charity Cup 2003 ( Singapore ST Pocket Money Fund)

Skateline Inline Hockey Charity Tournament 2004 (Special Olympics)

Skate Aid 2005 (The Salvation Army)


Community Involvement Program

The SAV program has been recognized by several schools as a way for students to complete their CIP hours. Several SAV Youths have taken this as their contribution to their CIP requirements. If you would like to convert your hours on skates as part of your CIP fulfillment, you may request for a letter from our head office to seek approval and endorsement from your schools.


As an SAV Youth, you can skate the park as a SAV to promote safe skating and park safety for park users, participate as a volunteer in any of our charity events or National Park Safety Campaign sessions, assist in our Saturday Night Skates for the community or any other community event that skateline is involved in. There is no better way for a skater to promote skating as a safe and fun sport and earn CIP credits at the same time.