Convert your skates into ice skates with Transformer Ice Blades

Posted on October 10, 2015 by Edmund Vong

Transformer Ice Blades that fit into inline skates

It took a while to season your skates till they feel perfect. What if you can convert them into ice skates as well?

Canadian company Inline Ice Blades has something that can do just that.

Transformer Ice Blades fit into your skates using the same axel holes that the wheels are mounted on. They fit on most inline skate frames with 72 to 84mm wheels.

Below: Transformer Freestyle Ice Blade fitted onto a Gyro frameTransformer Ice Blades that fit into inline skates - frame and blade

Transformer Ice Blades are available in 4 versions to match your skating style:

  • Freestyle Ice Blades 
    • fit frames with wheel sizes from 72 to 84mm.
    • They offer manoeuvrable turns, yet consistent control at all angles. Suitable for freestyle, slalom and artistic skating styles
  • Hockey Ice Blades
    • fits frame lengths of up to 275mm, with wheel sizes of 72 to 90mm.
    • Forward pitched like hockey skates, suitable for hockey as well as recreational ice skating.
  • Figure Skating Blades
    • fit frames with wheel sizes from 72 to 84mm.
    • low profile and less curved/rockered than the hockey or freestyle blades, this is a technical blade for high precision moves and includes ice picks at the blade tips just like figure skating ice skates
  • Aggressive Ice Blade
    • low profile and just mildly curved/rockered, this frame is stable and offers solid control and feels like aggressive skates with small wheels. Great for general ice skating too.

Be the first 10 to pre-order them now and save $30 at only $99! (Usual $129). 

To order, email with the subject "Transformer Ice Blades".

Refer Below for FAQs:

  • Would the Transformer Ice blades work with my frame?

The products are designed to work with majority of the inline frames that are on the market. All types of the blades would work with inline frames designed for 72 mm, 76 mm, 80mm and 84mm wheels that do not have large gaps between them (up to a 1 cm). Hockey Ice Blades will work with inline frames designed for 90 mm wheels as well. Aggressive Ice blades would be the only ones that would work with aggressive frames that have a grind plate/soulplate.

  • Do the Transformer Ice blades come pre-sharpened?

All of the Inline Ice blades come pre-sharpened from the factory and can be skated on right out of the box. Having said that, for best results on ice and /or to get the correct hollow that you are used to, we would definitely recommend to sharpen the blades at your ice rink. Please make sure to take the ice blades for sharpening alone with no frames and/or boots attached, as majority of the pro-shops will not have the right stands for the inline frames.

  • What materials are the products made from?

All of the Transformer Ice blades are made out of high quality Stainless Steel, while spacers are made of aluminium.

  • What is coming in the package?

In every package our end users would receive a pair of Transformer Ice blades and 16 spacers.

  • How do I install / remove my Transformer Ice blades?

All of the parts that are required for installation of the ice blades are included in the package. The only tool that would be needed is a standard inline Axle Tool or 1/4″ / T25 Allen Key (not included). The first installation may take around 10 minutes, while the next ones will be much quicker.

1. Please remove the inline wheels off the frame by unscrewing the axles. Keep the bearings and spacers in the wheels.

2. Open the blades package and confirm that you have a pair of ice blades and 16 spacers.

3. Your ice blade has three oval and one round fastening holes. Please put two of the spacers (groves in) on both sides of the ice blade’s round fastening hole. This point is the first one to be fastened and goes into the second axle from the front of the frame. Once the blade with the spacers are aligned with the axle holes, slide in the axle and slightly tighten it down.

4. The next fastening point is going to be the third one from the frame front. Tilt slightly the ice blade and slide in two spacers on both sides. Align the holes and slide in the axle.

5. Front and Back fastening points can be fastened with no importance to the order in the same way like the previous ones.

6. Once all of the axles are in place, please tighten them down completely. Do not over force in order not to damage the thread. Continue with the same process on the other ice blade and you are all set!

To remove the ice blades, please loosen and remove all of the axles in no particular order and slide down the ice blade with the spacers. Please note that the spacers will become loose and would fall off, so please make sure that it’s done above a flat surface with no voids or gaps. Please wipe out any moisture off the ice blades before storing them.