New Urban Skates: Powerslide Khaan & Playlife Legion

Posted on September 18, 2016 by Edmund Vong

Powerslide Khaan: Fierce all-rounder

Powerslide khaan inline skates

As the line between freestyle skating, urban skating and even fitness skating becomes more blurred, more options of urbanskate / freeskate are becoming available!

Introducing the Powerslide Khaan. You may be forgiven for thinking the Khaan is Powerslide's answer to the super popular Rollerblade Twister.

Just like the Twister, the main feature of the Khaan is its combination of versatility with comfort. Powerslide has made it a point to make the Khaan appeal to a wider range of skaters, targeting commuters, casual skaters and urban skaters alike. It has the 'Khaan' liner, which is deliberately soft with comfort close to those found in fitness skates. The boot shape is also decidedly wider than the more technical Imperial line, which means skaters will find the Khaan's fit comparatively more relaxed than the typical freestyle skate.

At the same time, the Khaan is styled aggressively with a heavily vented and ribbed shell, so it looks at home in the city. With impressive WCD (Powerslide's own brand, Wicked Precision Bearings) ABEC 9 bearings coming stock in the wheels, these skates pack a lot of performance, and immediately out-specs many similar urban skates in the market off the bat.

We expect the Khaan to be popular with skaters who have not decided between fitness/recreation and freestyle skates, and want something in-between. If you consider yourself a casual skater with an urban edge, it will not disappoint.

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Playlife Legion: Urban Foot-soldier

Playlife Legion inline skates

The Legion is a serious upgrade to the long-serving Playlife Bronx, which has been a hardshell workhorse of Playlife for a number of years.

The Legion sports an extruded aluminum frame, which is stiffer than the frame on the Bronx, as well as allows for adjustment, unlike the rivetted frame on the Bronx. It also comes stock with a mid-foot ratchet strap, which compresses the boot more effectively than the velcro mid-foot strap on the Bronx. The Legion satisfies all the definitions of an urban/freestyle skate (slide-plate, molded boot, ratchet mid-foot strap, alu-frame with 4x80mm wheels), and is easily the most handsome hardshell skate available at an entry level price.

Forget about low priced OEM knock-offs, get legit and join the legion. We expect the Legion to be our most popular hard-boot for new skaters, period.

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