The Powerslide Imperial Pro

Posted on November 06, 2014 by Edmund Vong

The Powerslide Imperial family is in. All members, from the original Imperial (Black) to the large wheel Imperial Cruiser, and even the Imperial Junior are now available.

The hero in the family is undoubtedly the long awaited Powerslide Imperial Pro. It is the Imperial on steroids.

Powerslide launched the highly successful Imperial in 2013, and it quickly captured market share from established freestyle boot models. It was the first hardshell freestyle boot to be completely designed from scratch in a number of years. The shell was very clearly more sophisticated than other models in its class, making the Imperial the flagship freestyle hardboot for Powerslide.

The Pro model is built on the proven success of the original, and now adds many high end features.

The most significant improvement. Instead of standard foam, the new liner is similar with Powerslide's Vi-liner, which is a single piece, heat mouldable liner. Skaters can fully customize the fit with heat moulding, reducing uncomfortable pressure-points and abrasion spots. This liner connects the skater's foot with the shell in a more responsive manner, massively improving control.

The Pro model comes fitted with Matter Juice FSK 80mm wheels. Matter is one of the foremost race wheel makers in the world. Its compound is well known for superior grip, rebound and most of all, durability and graceful wear-down characteristics.

Race-grade Twincam ILQ9 bearings replaces the in-house ABEC7 bearings.

While the Imperial Pro is not considered a competition grade skate, it is quite likely to be the only pair of hardboot skates you will ever need. It will appeal to hardboot frequent skaters with its high end parts, which is in fact a very attractive bundle. It costs much less than upgrading the standard Imperial (usual $319) with the Matter wheels, heat-moldable liner and race-grade bearings. With a wide-based boot mounting with standard 195mm mounting distance, you can also buy your own frames to convert this skate into a recreational skate or even a big-wheeled cross trainer.

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