Skate Repair and Servicing

Need some repair done on your favourite pair of skates? Skateline has a skate repair service for common breakages like broken top buckles or stuck axels.
All repairs are leave-in, they may take a week or longer to complete, depending on complexity.
Anatomy of inline-skates


Repair Services

Buckle Replacement: $20 per buckle
Broken buckle will be removed. New buckle will be installed by riveting. Includes generic buckle.

Hardboot Instep Strap repair/replacement: price varies based on strap
Instep strap will be replaced by generic compatible strap. Price varies by model. Only possible for installation on hardboots.

Axle removal: $15 per axle
Stuck axles will be removed with a machine drill. Includes replacement with a compatible axle.

Bearing Replacement: $10 (excludes bearings)
Bearings will be replaced with a new set. Bearings sold separately. We will only replace bearings without replacement fee if the new set is purchased at Skateline.

Wheel Replacement: $10 (excludes wheels)
Wheels will be replaced with a new set. Wheels sold separately. We will only replace wheels without replacement fee if the new set is purchased at Skateline.

Other repairs: Fee based on assessment
For hassle-free assessment, simply take a photo of the damage and email it to us at We’ll check it and advise you.

Important Note
Skate materials have a shelf life, and some may break due to the stresses of the repair process. Repairs are done on the condition that Skateline is not held responsible for damage to skates during repair.Also, due to the number of repair jobs and servicing time, you may not be able to collect your skates immediately. 

Dropping off skates for repair

You can drop skates off at any Skateline store. Pre-payment for the repair/servicing is required. You will receive a repair slip with which to collect the skates later on. Once the skates are ready, we will call you to pick them up. If you have questions about skate repair and servicing, please contact us.