Cougar Inline-Skates Now Available at Skateline

Posted on June 08, 2016 by Edmund Vong

Cougar Inline-skates now available at Skateline in Singapore

While the rest of the world skate on Rollerblades, K2s, Powerslides and Sebas, have you ever wondered what skaters in the largest inline-skating country in the world skate on?

Cougar is a leading manufacturer of inline-skates in China. It produces a wide spectrum of skates - from supermarket bargain skates to race-grade speed skates. It started in 1997 as a producer of roller skates, and switched to inline-skate production in 2001. Just in time for the global inline-skating market uptrend.

While other contract-manufacturers in China focused on profit by churning out containers of low-end skates for the growing world market, Cougar invested in the grassroots development of skating through. It formed clubs, organised competitions and community events. As a result, the Cougar brand has a longstanding presence in the Chinese market, and is loved as a domestic brand in China.

It is also a contract manufacturer for major world-class inline-skate brands. Coupling this capability with its experience in the price-conscious Chinese market, Cougar has succeeded in striking a balance between price and quality, allowing it to gain a share in the entry-level market in various mature inline-skating markets. It is also doing well in emerging inline-skating markets in Asia.

Skateline is delighted to present a selection of Cougar skates which will be appreciated by value-conscious skaters. Models include junior adjustable molded hardboot skates as well as adult freestyle skates. 

These models are available exclusively at Skateline. See the skates.