Report for SNS August 2014

Posted on September 04, 2014 by Jonathan Wong

Report by Jon Wong

Night Skate Captain

Group Photo

More than 30 skating enthusiasts graced our latest Saturday Night Skate activity in August from Expo Convention Centre to Esplanade Theatres by the Bay. Amongst them were some kids who were encouraged by their parents to take part in the activity. We also welcomed some overseas participants from France, with Mr Sebastien Jamme and his 3 friends on their first night skate experience in Singapore.

After our group photo at the main entrance, we started off along Expo Drive, heading towards Upper Changi Road East. Soon after, we entered Bedok Park Connector, located next to Sungei Bedok river. It was a breeze to cruise along the smooth and nice path on the connector, but road conditions worsened slightly as we reach Laguna Country Club, with some protruding speed strips hindering our speed.

Our first break came at Bedok Food Centre opposite Bedok Military Camp, and everyone took the chance to indulge themselves in the beverages and snacks available from the drink stores. After the break, we proceeded back along Bedok Park Connector past the military camp and arrived at the underpass next to East Coast Park Expressway.

Crossing the underpass

After crossing the underpass, we arrived at East Coast Park, which was a familiar place for most of the participants. From then on, it was a long trek to our next pit stop - East Coast Park Food Centre which featured a wide array of local delicacies similar with the earlier food centre in Bedok.

Next up, we travelled to Fort Road, passing by the lagoon, Marine Cove and Big Splash along the way. Some participants took the chance to speed through the park, enjoying the evening breeze and beautiful night scenery from the coastline. Those who reached the end of Fort Road earlier had time for a longer rest, while we wait for the skaters from the rear to catch up with our entourage.

We transited onto the pavements and turned into Tanjong Rhu towards the Sports Hub. The route brought us to the river bank, where the magnificent view of the Indoor Stadium and Sports Hub greeted us. Crossing a bridge over the waters brought us to the Indoor Stadium and we detoured along the river bank to arrive at the main entrance of the Sports Hub. People were seen enjoying a game of beach volleyball on the man-made sandy volleyball courts. There was a nice water feature aloft the parquet flooring.

Some of the areas were still under construction and we had to deviate onto the road in order to reach the flight of stairs which brought us onto Nicoll Highway. We stopped for a quick photo moment, and continued down the tiled pavement which gave off loud noises sounded like a stampede as we skate along.

Photo moment on Nicoll Highway

That brought us to Suntec Convention Centre and we were greeted by the numerous cars exiting from the car park, probably due to the computer exhibition that was held earlier on. The area was now full of steel fencing being put up for the Formula One race that will happen in September.

We had to cross over to the War Memorial Park and take the underpass there in order to get to the Esplanade. We ended at the big square at main entrance and concluded the skate, clocking a distance of approximately 20km.

Descending down the escalator

Everyone was obviously worn out from the long journey, but the satisfaction of completing it together made it all worthwhile. We would like to congratulate Miss Yilin on completing her first ever night skate and express our gratitude for the skaters who assisted her along the way.

Miss Yilin smiling for the camera, behind the gentleman in black singlet




Safety Vehicle








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