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Saturday Night Skate 27 March 2010 - Park Connector Nightskate I, East Coast Park to Downtown East

Posted on March 27, 2010 by Edmund Vong

Report by Jon Wong
Skateline Instructor


We were blessed with fine weather on the 27th, when we had our nightskate from East Coast Park to Downtown East in Pasir Ris along the Eastern Park Connectors (PCN). A whopping number of more than 70 skaters joined us on a route which spans across a map distance of more than 15km.

Many new faces joined our Nightskate for the first time, including 8 year old Erika, a student of our Learn-To-Skate programme. She was encouraged by her parents to participate.

Erika, 8


Another participant was Nicole, who came across our article in Lianhe Zaobao, a local press. She had tried skating in parks previoiusly, but urban skating was a new experience for her. 


Nicole with David, our Instructor


Our entourage promptly set off at 8pm, making our way towards Kembangan MRT Station via the Siglap PCN. The first obstacle we face was the overhead bridge over the East Coast Park Expressway. The steep slopes on the entry and exit were our main challenge.

Shortly after, we arrived on the connector behind Kembangan MRT Station and soon we reached the 2nd bridge over the Pan Island Express, with slopes similar to that of the former bridge.

That landed us in a  neighbourhood park in Bedok, and a mixture of uphill and downhill slopes and winding paths greeted us. Impressively, all the children was able to keep up with our pace, showing no signs of fatigue.

Midway through the park, we reached the 3rd bridge of the night, made up of steps. It brought us into Bedok Town Park. After a hundred metres, we transited to Bedok Reservoir Park PCN which connects to Tampines PCN directly. The paths there were smooth which was a real pleasure to skate on.

After crossing a few hunctions along the Tampines PCN and we reached a MRT track between Tampines and Pasir Ris. We passes by Tampines MRT Station and Tampines Mall. and by then the clock showed 10.30pm. Signs of fatigue were starting to show, but we were determined to complete remainder of the journey.

After skating through Pasir Ris Town Park, Downtown East was within our sight. Everyone were relieved to reach the destination, we worked hard to get there. We took a total time of 2hours and 50 minutes to complete the journey. And it was a proud moment for the first timers to complete such a long journey and with a big group of fellow skaters.


Tired but satisfied


We were also glad to report that there were no serious casualties. The children who completed the journey deserved much praise and credit for complete the entire journey, and their skills competency is a great testimonial for our Learn-To-Skate Programme.

Much tribute must be given to the SAVs on a night of sweat and toil, to ensure the safety of the skaters:

Jack, Timothy, Lay Suan, Chun Yang, Nicholas, Chong Boon, Leonard, Steven, Jason, Jing Yi, Hui Yi, Shun Git and Wai Him.

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Saturday Night Skate 27 February 2010 - Prosperity Nightskate, Esplanade to West Coast Park

Posted on February 27, 2010 by Edmund Vong

Report by Jon Wong
Skateline Instructor/SNS Leader


About 50 skaters showed up for the Prosperity Nightskate in February, just one day prior to the Chinese traditional day, 'Ren-Ri', which signifies the end of the Chinese Lunar New Year. This route saw us travelling from The Cenotaph Memorial located in Esplanade Park, to MacDonalds' Restaurant in West Coast Park.

The entire journey spans across a distance of approximately 12 km, and mainly on paved surfaces. Our entourage took about 3 hours to complete the journey, promptly setting off at around 8pm and ended at 11pm.

The first phase of the journey was to travel from Esplanade Park to Vivocity at The HarbourFront. The journey was relatively easy, with only the narrow pavements along Keppel Road to deal with. There was this low ceiling which was part of the AYE entry bridge, which was the main obstacle for this phase.


Low ceiling


Vivocity was within an hour's journey, and we had our break outside the mall, for participants to rehydrate themselves from the kiosks nearby.

Resting outside VivoCity


 The real challenge came in the second phase when we travelled from Vivocity onwards. This is the first time in 3 years that we are skating over this stretch of route. We had to cross over to the opposite side of the road upon reaching the junction at Henderson Road.

Soon after we were on the pavement against traffic as the stretch along traffic beneath West Coast Highway was under major construction works, and it boasts the danger of crossing the exit road from the AYE.

The surface wasn't always nice and smooth, and after passing by the housing estates and some temples, the rough surfaces set in. The main obstacle of this route sits right before the former Haw Par Villa, which has since ceased to operate as a tourist attraction.


One of the temples


 A tiny little concrete path, paved over the grass to facilitate movement for the pedestrians, was all we had to cross over into Pasir Panjang Road. It can only allow the participants to go along in a single file. Shortly after 10m on the pavement, was a steep downhill slope and a huge pipe running right across at the bottom of the apex, which threatens to trip us. Thankfully, all the participants crossed over safely with the help of the SAVs, while some opted to step along the grass.

SAVs lend a hand


From then on, West Coast Park was within our grasp. We had to cross a traffic light to get to it, and our complimentary bus was already there waiting for us. I had the pleasure of handing out red packets to the participants as they sit or queue for their well-deserved food and drinks.

It was a great night skate, coupled with excellent weather. And its a milestone for us to try this new route.

Many thanks to the following volunteers for maintaining the safety for this night skate:
Jack, Chong Boon, Jason, Steven, Siew Ying, Chun Yang and our photographer, David.

I wish to pay special compliments to SAV Leonard, who stayed with and looked after one of the participants, Ms Yati, throughout the journey, though they were trailing at the rear.

Ms Yati with SAV Leonard

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