Night skaters unfazed by hazy conditions

Posted on October 06, 2015 by Jonathan Wong

Group Photo

Report by Jon Wong
Night Skate Captain

Unfazed by the recent hazy conditions, more than 30 skaters attended the September night skate from Seng Kang to Pasir Ris.

Among the participants were the Rachmadi family, with Daddy Charles, leading his wife and 3 young children, Cheryl-7, Andrea-6 and Warren-5 to support the event. Young Warren also happened to be the youngest skater of the evening.

Everyone was in high spirits that the event carried on with the PSI level lingering at the 100th mark, putting an end to a dismay fortnight which saw the bad haze conditions halting numerous outdoor activities.

The skaters enjoyed a warm-up at the big open court of the Community Club, before embarking on the journey towards Seng Kang Sports and Recreational Club.

Selfie Time

We picked up the pace upon entering the park connector and cruised along Punggol Waterway. Some participants, on their first visit at the Waterway, savored their skating moments on this award winning man-made water feature, which is the pride of Punggol estate.

Cruising along the waterway

Next came the break at the waterway named '@Punggol', which houses a variety of recreational facilities and F&B outlets. Some chose to indulge inside the air-conditioned fast food joint, while others were happy to settle for a quick drink and chitchat outside the restaurants.

Chilling out at the restaurant

After the break, our entourage transited into the secluded Lorong Halus and Pasir Ris Farmway via a bridge across Sungei Serangoon River. Only the occasional barking from stray dogs and engine romps from heavy vehicles speed past could be heard. The barking intensified as we made our way past the array of pet farms, hotels and shelters.

Posing on the quiet street

The second break came in the form of Pasir Ris West Plaza, which featured a convenient store and a food joint.

Convenient drinks at the convenient store

The bicycle path located right outside the plaza provided a direct route towards Pasir Ris Town Park, which lead us to our destination at Pasir Ris Sports and Recreation Centre, after a brief skate along Tampines Park Connector located within the park.

Nice bike path to skate on

The centre was closed when we arrived, but luckily, the 24-hours MacDonald's restaurant located next to the centre gave the skaters a chance to have a late drink before heading back home.


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