SNS January Report

Posted on February 03, 2015 by Jonathan Wong

By Jon Wong
Night Skate Captain

More than 50 skaters started 2015 with us with our first Night Skate of the year from Pasir Ris Sports and Recreational Centre to the Sports Hub. Familiar faces of die-hard SNS fans and some new additions were amongst the participants.

Tristan and his girlfriend, Adeline, newcomers to the SNS, were encouraged by their friends, current Skateline students Shannon and Nicholas. Another participant, Yvonne, currently a level three student from our programme, decided to give it a try too.

The entire journey comprised of some of the eastern park connectors in Tampines and Bedok and East Coast Park, spanning across a distance of 23km. The route was generally smooth and easy, although some areas proved to be a challenge for some participants.

One such area is the overhead bridge crossing across the Tampines Expressway from Pasir Ris to Tampines. With its steep ramps on either ends, climbing and descending puts our skating skills to the ultimate test.

Our journey were also hindered by the upgrading works around Bedok Reservoir and Tampines area for the new MRT line in the near future. The rough road finishings and diversions caused us to slow down significantly.

We rested and quench our thirst at Bedok Food Centre located at New Upper Changi Road and at East Coast Park Food Centre too, where the wide array of drink vendors provided us with a wide variety of beveragesto choose from.

Though some skaters were unable to complete the long journey as the late night hour beckoned, they were still proud to reach East Coast Park before calling it quits. And the beautiful night scenery of the sea and gentle sea breeze made their efforts worthwhile.

A great way to start the year, and for the participants who completed the entire route, the satisfaction is theirs to savour.


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