Saturday Night Skate 29 May 2010 - Speedy Nightskate, Bishan Park to Night Safari

Posted on May 29, 2010 by Edmund Vong

Report by Jon Wong

Adrenalin was pumping high on our latest Nightskate in May, when we travelled from Bishan Park to The Night Safari in Mandai. This 16km long gruelling trip saw about 20 enthusiasts taking up the challenge.

We kicked off the skate at 8pm, travelling along Ang Mo Kio Ave 1. Immediately, we have to deal with the uneven terrain that greeted us along the way till we arrive at Upper Thomson Road.

It was a gradual uphill route and our first climb of the evening. After a short water break at the nearby coffeeshop, we entered the dreaded Old Upper Thomson Road.


On Old Upper Thomson Road


The route was tough with its array of rough ground finishing and the constant passing by of vehicles. But all these pale in comparison to the real challenge at the end of the route - a long downhill slope which leads to Upper Thomson Road. And true enough, it gave a couple skaters some bruises and cuts, when they failed to control their speed. Fortunately, there were no serious casualties, although those affected skaters needed some medical attention.


Receiving First Aid


From then on, we travelled to the last hydration point - a coffeeshop along Sembawang Road. Thereafter, we had to travel climb uphill again by side of the road, as no path was available along this route. Thankfully, Mandai Ave was just metres away.

Upon arriving onto Mandai Ave, we heaved a huge sigh of relief. There was a nice concrete path throughout the route, although it is paved with tons of twigs and branches which posed a hazard of tripping us.


On the nice concrete path


We continued onto Mandai Road, as more uphill climbs and downhill rides greeted us. The main highlight of the route came as we neared The Singapore Zoological Gardens. The downhill slope leading down to the entry was perhaps the steepest of the evening. It was maximum adrenalin rush as we rode down, almost akin to a roller coaster ride, but we had to be careful as any mistake could sent us flying and get seriously hurt. Skaters who had their brush with pain earlier on were careful to slow down here.


Adrenalin rush

Being careful

What stood between us and the Night Safari was the Mandai Lake Road, which was not easy too. The uphill climbs on the road coupled with speed limiting strips really push our stamina and thigh muscles to the brink.

It was so satisfying to complete the journey, knowing how tough it was for all of us. We proudly took our group photo, oblivious to the interested looks from the visitors to the Safari.


Gladiators united


It was a tough skate, probably ranked top 3 in all the routes in our nightskate history. Thumbs up to all the participants who completed it, to add to their memories.


Safety Van
Zong Yang

Chong Boon
Eric Tay


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