Saturday Night Skate 31 July 2010 - Waterfront Nightskate, Yishun MRT to Woodlands Waterfront

Posted on July 31, 2010 by Edmund Vong

Report by Jon Wong
SNS Captain

The weather was kind on our skaters on the July 31 evening, as we embarked on our Nightskate route yet again, from Yishun MRT Station to visiting Woodlands Waterfront, one of the newest night attraction in Singapore.

Located at the Northern most tip of Singapore, with Woodlands Checkpoint within its sights, it has soon become a popular recreational facility, complete with a park, playground & fitness corner.

The response was overwhelming, as more than 60 skaters joined us, including some who were on their maiden urban skate in such a huge entourage.

This route is easy as we travelled mainly on pavements and the new park connector network in the north. Soon after departing from Yishun, we reached Sembawang Station for a short break, before heading towards Woodlands Ave 12.

A quick turn there into Woodlands Drive 17 and we arrived at a large kite flying area near Christ Church Secondary School, with a huge roundabout track, which was new to many of the participants. Though the track was poorly lit at night, the smooth surface finishing made speeding through the course an easy task.

From then on we continued along Woodlands Ave 4 and arrived at Vista Point - a neighbourhood mall for a longer break. And we were lucky to find that a bazaar, better known as 'Pasam Malam' was going on there, and a wide variety of F&B were available.

After turning a few junctions, Woodlands Causeway Point Mall and the MRT station were within our sights. We were not far from the end point.

Unfortunately, an incident happened involving a teenage boy getting a cut above his left eyebrow when he lost control of his speed and knocked his head onto a railing. Luckily, prompt first aid was administered to him, and he was later evacuated to a medical facility by his father.

Finally, after bypassing Republic Polytechnic and Admiralty Park, we arrived at the Waterfront. The scenery was spectacular, with nice cool sea breeze greeting us. The mobile Icecream vendor was thrilled to see us arriving, which meant an instant business boom. The skyline of Johor Bahru was clearly visible from the jetty, which stretches out to the waters.


At the Waterfront

Scenery from the jetty


Many participants were ecstatic to visit the waterfront, as they were unaware of its existence, due to its recent completion and opening not long ago. It has since become a heaven for fishing and gatherings, as demonstrated by the public visitors who were there.


We would like to thank all the partipants for their support.


Safety Vehicle
Zong Yang

Camera Men
David Lim

Jia Yi
Chong Boon



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