Saturday Night Skate 25 September 2010 - Park Connector Nightskate III, East Coast Park to Changi Village

Posted on September 25, 2010 by Edmund Vong

Report by Jon Wong
SNS Captain



More than 50 skaters gathered at Burger King Restaurant for our recent Nightskate on the evening of September 25th, which takes us on a 18km route along the Coastal Park Connector from East Coast Park to Changi Village.

Fortunately the wet weather earlier in the day stopped just before the evening, and the route was good enough to skate on. This was the 3rd Park Connector Nightskate of the year, which features the beautiful scenery along the coastline and the runway from Singapore Changi Airport.

It was a night of many first, with new faces on their maiden attempt on nightskating, some of which are students from our Learn-To-Skate Programme and our Active Ageing group. Also with us were 3 new additions to our SAV group. There are Merv, Chloe and Mei Ching, on their first practical attachment to the seniors. 

After hydrating ourselves, we set off promptly at about 8:10pm. Water was scarce throughout the journey, except for a water dispenser located near the start of the connector. Thankfully, with the cool weather, thirst was not on our minds. After a brief skate along the winding paths at the initial segment of the connector, we soon arrived on the long stretch of the connector located next to the Airport's runway.

The constant flow of majestic aircrafts landing and taking off never failed to capture the our attention each time. This was also the longest part of the connector, which accounts for the largest percentage of the entire journey. We had to deal with wet patches, littered with leaves, branches and debris from the storm earlier on during the day, and be extra careful. As a result, some skaters suffered minor falls and bruises.


First Aid


We were travelling on a good crusing speed, and it didn't take us long to reach the SAF Ferry Terminal and then to Changi Beach. Soon after, Changi Village was within our sights, and we were greeted by other park users who were there for picnics or fishing.

The steep ends of the bridge between Changi Beach and Changi Village remained as the main obstacle of the night, and the SAVs were on hand to ensure that the skaters who had difficulty handling the slopes were being taken care of.

The last few skaters completed in a time of 2 hours & 40 minutes, with others who were ahead of the pack were even earlier, in about 2 hours. Everyone had the pleasure of enjoying the delicious array of malay delicacies, while waiting for our bus to arrive. And we were glad to have our partner at Changi Village, Bala Drink Stall, who have supported us in the 3rd year running, to offer drinks for all the skaters at a flat rate of $1.


Good food after good skate


It was a satisfying moment for the skaters completing their first ever Nightskating with us, especially for husband & wife, Jack and Sandy, who are in their 50s. The bubbly couple was inspired to take up inline skating during the Active Ageing Carnival which was held at Suntec City a few months ago and since then they have been regular students for the classes that we have conducted, and have improved in both skills and fitness throughout the weeks, before they decide to put their skills to the test in the Nightskate.


Sandy & Jack


 For others like Rochelle, Daniel, Cynthia, Cliff and Kenny, aged between 15 to 35 years, it was a great activity for them to enjoy the time together. The quintet, who are level 3 & 4 students from our programme, have gotten to know each other during our classes and have since become good friends and activity partners.


Students with their favourite instructor, Michael (in black)


Another great Night skate to cap off a great month!


Safety Vehicle
Zong Yang

David Lim

Chong Boon
Jing Yi
Jia Yi

Mei Ching

Skate Assisst Volunteers


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