Saturday Night Skate 28 May 2011 - City Night Skate, Loop from Wheelock Place to Orchard ION

Posted on May 28, 2011 by Edmund Vong

Report by Jon Wong
SNS Captain

We took to the heart of town on our wheels in our latest issue of Saturday Night Skate with more than 80 skaters showing up. Their presence made Orchard Road buzzling with more excitement than ever as they gathered in huge numbers outside Wheelock Place, the starting point.

Packed with skaters

It was pleasing to see more new faces, some of which from overseas. We also celebrated the graduation of one of our Skate Assist Volunteer (SAV) trainee, Miss Chloe Chai, on her maiden duty as route marshal for the Night Skate.

Participants from overseas

We started slightly later than usual, as we waited for participants who were stuck in traffic or trying to get a parking lot. We kicked off at about 8:10pm, heading in the less crowded direction of Tanglin Road where Forum Shopping Mall is located, and transited onto Napier Road and Holland Road thereafter.

It was a gradual uphill climb at Holland Road until we reached the peak and faced the 1st major obstacle of the evening - a long steep downhill ride coupled with uneven surfaces and narrow paths, dark lighting and a bus-stop in the midst.

Waiting for the Marshals to deploy

All the SAVs were deployed along the slope to protect the skaters at the critical areas, together with the help from some of the participants who are our certified instructors. Help was also on hand for participants who were not confident of handling the slope.

Upon reaching the foot of the slope, we started climbing uphill again, along Queensway to ESSO petrol kiosk where we had our break. But right after kiosk was the 2nd major downhill slope of the night, which took us all the way down Queensway till Commonwealth Ave, beside Queensway Secondary School. This downhill slope packed a bigger punch as it was more steep than the previous slope, and manoevring is needed for its meandering paths.

1st pit-stop at ESSO

That slope was the last obstable of the night, as the remaining part of the journey was smooth sailing along the Alexandra Park Connector.

Alexandra Park Connector

Some of the skaters managed to have a little fun at a mini aggressive park packed with a couple of ramps and rails, while we waited for the skaters at the rear to link up with us.

Fun at aggressive park

After all the adrenalin rush from cruising along the connector, we arrived at our 2nd rest point, which was also everyone's favourite - Zion Riverside Food Centre. We get to indulge in the thirst quenching sugar cane drinks and some even managed to grab a quick bite.

 Enjoying the drinks

Time was getting late, and we had to alter the course in order not to end too late. Forsaking the initial plan of travelling to River Vallet Road and Hill Street, we took a shortcut and moved from Mohamed Sultan Road towards Clemenceau Ave which brought us to Penang Road - the other side of Orchard Road.

Soon after, we reached Killiney Road and Orchard Central Shopping Mall, and moved along Orchard Road back towards the end point at Orchard ION. This was where the fun gets hyped up a notch, as we zipped past the curious shopping crowd and enjoyed the ride along the smooth surfaces of the pavements.

Zipping along Orchard Road

One of the participant remarked that we actually travelled around 19km as recorded from his GPS, 5km more than the actual map distance. Everyone were tired, but greatly satisfied of having the chance to skate in town with such a large group of skaters. And returning home was a breeze as Orchard MRT Station was right beside us.

Safety Vehicle

David Lim

Eric Tay
Chong Boon


SAVs for the night

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