Saturday Night Skate 30 July 2011 - PCN Night Skate, Bishan Park 2 to Lau Pat Sat

Posted on July 30, 2011 by Edmund Vong

Report by Jon Wong
Nightskate Captain


More than 70 skaters showed up in our latest Saturday Night Skate. Themed the 'Park Connector Night Skate', we travelled on the Kallang Park Connector from Bishan Park towards town, ending at Lau Pat Sat. This is the only Park Connector in Singapore that consists of numerous overhead bridges along its route.
It was a night of first and last for some. For 5 year old Chan Shi Kai, it was her first attempt to complete the entire route. She had her first taste of the night skate back in June when she joined us at the halfway mark at East Coast Park. This time she pushed her limit further and completed the entire 14km journey, escorted by one of our instructors, Mr David Ng. She has proved that size and age does not matter when it comes to inline skating.

Shi Kai with Mum and David
As for Miss Michelle and Miss Juliana, friends, its a first time of the year that they participate in a similar activity of this magnitude, after months of absence.

Michelle and Juliana

It was also the last time for the rest to see the retail shop and skating rink as it is now, with the foreclosure happening in mid August due to Nparks developement of the park.

Enjoying the rink
We started off slightly late due to some delays, but managed to make good headway once we are on the connector. However, with 3 overhead bridges to cross, congestion was inevitable. But it was fun accending and decending the steps. We went under the CTE, which has a height limit of 1.8m and that made sure we stayed low as we roll along.

Climbing the steps slowly

Soon after, we reached Boon Keng area and a large bridge over water with steep ends to cross. Kallang MRT Station was within our sights thereafter. After crossing the heavily jammed Sims road, we continued pass Sri Marimatha Karuneshvarar Temple along Kampong Bugis which led us to Crawford Street.

Crossing the bridge

The long downhill ride down Crawford Street was exhilerating and after a short climb towards Republic Boulevard, we entered the Formula 1 track, cruising pass the F1 pit building until we reach the Singapore Flyer. It was magnificent to cruise along the track that will host the internationally recognized Formula 1 race in September. After a quick break at Popeye's Restaurant, we continued our journey.

F1 pit building

The streets were packed with pedestrians and personnel from military and traffic police, as the National Day preview happened at the floating platform moments earlier. We had to move slow and take precaution.
We turned into Esplanade Drive at Raffles Ave and continued along Collyer Quay, passing by One Fullerton, and we arrived at our destination shortly after, where food and drinks awaits.

Fullerton Bay Hotel
Everyone was exhausted, probably due to the crossing of multiple bridges along the way, and the late hour. But it was a great way to experience the quiet park connectors and the busy pathways in town, all in one evening!
Safety Van
Albert Tan

David Lim
Chong Boon
Wai Him
Shun Git
Shun Mun
Jing Yi


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