Saturday Night Skate 26 October 2013 - The Cathay Theatre to Orchard ION

Posted on October 26, 2013 by Edmund Vong

Report by Jon Wong
Night Skate Captain

Despite showers happening earlier in the late afternoons, there was no dampening of our Halloween spirits as more than 40 skating enthusiasts turned up for the Halloween Night Skate. I was back in my usual Reaper look, complete with a scythe, cape and hood, all D.I.Y.


Me getting a quick snap shot with the guys

For some of the participants, this was an event on their 2013 calendar that was not to be missed, even though the ground was damp and air was chilly.

Amongst them were veteran Skate Assist Volunteers, Mike Tang, David Lim and Kenny Tan, all dressed up and made up to create a storm in town.

Mike's rendition of the classic character, Pyramid Head from the popular game and movie title, Silent Hill was a hit with the crowd, complete with his weapon - a huge sword casted from wooden planks and cardboard, all D.I.Y. by himself. 

Mike, as Pyramid Head from Silent Hill

David's make-up featured a two-faced effect, with one side of his face showcasing glass fragments protusion and tearing of the facial skin. 

David posing with another skater

Kenny chose to become the classic Frankenstein, complete with his torn and tattered jacket, green complexion and spark plugs sticking out from either sides of his neck - a classic feature of Fankenstein.


Kenny, with son Jay Han

The public got into the Halloween dress-up mood too, and most notably a couple from France, who dressed themselves up as mummified living corpses. Pascal, with his girlfriend, spent hours wrapping themselves up with rolls of bandages, adding toy spiders and webs and blood stains to complete the effect. 


Pascal and his girlfriend make mummies look good

This has got to be the only Halloween celebration on skates.

We started off later than usual, waiting for the ground to dry up. Our first stop was the tunnel located inside Singapore Management University (SMU), drawing gasps from the students and passer-bys.

Soon after we arrived on Hill Street, and headed towards Clake Quay. That was when the real fun began, as we were swamped by party goers who wanted pictures taken with us almost everywhere we went. There were other groups celebrating Halloween too, and our meeting sparked more camera flashes from the crowd. A famous local club, Shanghai Dolly, was having a Halloween themed party, and we could not help admiring the amazing make-up and costumes of the receptionist, and they likewise.


Posing with staff at Shanghai Dolly

We stopped by Read Bridge to have more pictures taken, before heading to Boat Quay via the Singapore River. We continued into Esplanade Park and then to the Esplanade WaterFront, aiming for the floating platform and our rest point at the Singapore Flyer.

The short stay delighted the tourists who prompted for more photo oppotunities with the characters. After that, we backtracked a little and head onto the Helix Bridge across to Marina Bay Sands.

It was exhilerating to cruise along the Water Promenade as we drew attention from the evening diners and audiences enjoying the evening performances. That brought us to the Lower Boardwalk past the Marina Bay Promontory where colourful electronic kites were flying.

We turned at One Marina Boulevard towards Clifford Pier and Merlion Park, and we ascended up some stairs to go onto Esplanade Drive.


At the Esplanade Bridge

It was a breeze from then on as we rode the downhill slope to the end where the underpass lies waiting, and we crossed it to get to the War Memorial opposite Raffles City convention centre. Our ghostly presence added more grim to the darkly lit memorial grounds.

We crossed the street into Raffles Hotel, and from then on its a fright night mission as we drew screams and gasps from the late night shoppers from Bras Basah Road all the way to Orchard Road.

With another Night Skate completion in the bag, we proceeded to nominate the 'Best Dressed Skater' and 'Best Dressed Kid' award winners.

The crowd gave their loudest applause to Mike, who won hands down as Pyramid Head, while the 'Best Dressed Kid', Jay Han, won without contention. They won dining and shopping vouchers respectively.


Jay Han in his Devil costume

Jay Han receiving his voucher

Mike receiving his voucher, literally

A great night of fun and skating, and for those who kept the faith, it sure paid off.


Safety Van


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Siew Ying

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