Madd Gear Pro

Above:  Alexandra Madsen doing the 'flair' on the MGP VX7 Extreme at Bay Skate skate park in Napier, New Zealand. Image: mgp_actionsports

Madd Gear Pro, a.k.a. MGP is one of the biggest names in freestyle scooters. It is a member of the International Scooter Association (ISA). Professional freestyle scooter riders using MGP consistently rank among the top 12 riders in the world.

An Australian brand founded in 2002, MGP launches a new models and colours every year. In 2017, the new models and colours are collectively called the VX7. It consists of 4 model lines:


  • VX7 Pro: $199
    By Pro, MGP means they are meant for 'pro' riding, which is a term used interchangeably with 'freestyle' or 'stunt' riding. This line is a great entry level option for young riders starting off with their first freestyle scooter.
  • VX7 Team: $259 to $299
    This line is extremely popular, where pro-performance meets value. Built with integrated headset bearings which make bar spins smoother and easier to execute, it also comes with the very popular 'aero' handle bar. The VX7 Team also has the biggest number of 27 colour options, including the trendy neochrome finish which shimmers like slick oil on clear water.
  • VX7 Nitro: $349
    The Nitro sports the edge-of-the-envelope 120mm wheels, which is presently the largest size allowed in competitions. These wheels are fitted with the insanely smooth-spinning ABEC11 bearings.  It comes with the largest deck size in the VX7 collection (as large as the deck on the Extreme). A no-nonsense pro-scooter.
  • VX7 Extreme: $399
    The standard competition model of MGP, it has the combination of all the best components in MGP. It is superior to the Nitro with the attractive 'aero' handle bars, and has cut-outs in the deck which shaves 50g from the total weight of the deck. The Extreme line also features striking multicolour body paint options.


Above: beautiful multi-coloured bodywork on the MGP VX7 Extreme.

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