With professional instruction, you can learn to skate correctly in a shorter time and avoid many injuries that can happen when learning by trial-and-error.  Proper guidance also reduces the chances of making common mistakes or developing bad habits of self-taught skaters.

Skateline's Learn-To-Skate (tm) includes basic to advanced levels. Each level consist of 4 lessons of 1 hour each. You can learn to skate at your own pace. It's entirely up to you how far you want to go. 

Inline Funstart (TM)

Inline Funstart (IFS) is a 1-hour, single-session lesson to introduce total beginners to skating. It's the perfect try-out to see if this is the sport for you, or to gauge your child's interest in skating.

It is also a pre-requisite lesson if you are thinking of joining the Open Group lessons.

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$20.00 SGD

Small Group (4 Lessons)

It’s more fun to learn skating together with your friends or family.

To start a Small Group course, simply form your own group of minimum 3 learners (maximum 6 learners), then choose a day and time for the lesson (one lesson a week, 1 hour per lesson).

We will then assign an available instructor for your group.

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$110.00 SGD

Open Group (4 Lessons)

If you'd like to learn to skate but don't have companions to form a group, you can join an ongoing group.

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$110.00 SGD

Private Lesson

Designed for those who prefer an exclusive, highly customisable class with lots of personal attention. Perfect for individuals, couples, friends or families who want to learn skating together. Learn skating at your preferred time and location. Learn faster and have more fun as the instructor can adapt to you or your group's preferences.

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$80.00 SGD

SkateFast&Fit (TM) (7 Sessions)

Want to learn to skate faster or more efficiently? Want to burn more calories and make your time on skates count?

Why not convert your leisure skating into a fitness workout while learning to improve your skating technique? Join the Skateline SkateFast&Fit (tm) fitness and speed skating program.

Taught by veteran skate instructor and former world record holder Sandy Snakenberg.

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$220.00 SGD

Classes for Companies

Many adults who did not pick up inline-skating when they are growing up often don't start at all because of the fear of falling. Inline-skating can be learnt easily and safely with professional guidance.

So learning to skate from scratch as a team will be fun and rewarding. The memorable shared experience of learning a new skill together will stay with the team for many years.

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Classes for Schools and Educational Centres

We are also a recognised service provider for the Singapore Sports Council's Sport Education Programme (SEP).

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