Fuzion City-Glide kick scooters of California

Fuzion scooter logo

Fuzion is a kick scooter brand from Oakland in California, USA. It makes urban kick scooters for commuting as well as pro scooters for stunts and competitions. It is a member of the International Scooter Association (ISA).

Like many American classics, Fuzion scooters are simple in design but solid in construction - with timeless look that never gets old.

The Fuzion City-Glide and City-Glide with Handbrake models feature simplicity and quality. They have a back-to-basics design, with solid components that focus on durability and comfort for everyday use. Scooter aficionados will appreciate the solid single-piece bolt mounted handle bar, low-riding body and durable traditional folding system. The models with handbrakes make braking safer and easier for a more relaxed and enjoyable ride.

Fuzion also produces pro scooters, also known as stunt or freestyle scooters. Fuzion's pro scooter team competes in the ISA Championships, which is like the F1 of scootering. If Fuzion can make competition grade stunt scooters, you can expect its kick scooters to be of good quality and durable.

The Fuzion City-Glide kick scooter has a solid handlebar

The Fuzion City-Glide has a handbrake like a bicycle

Handbrakes only available on some models.

The Fuzion City-Glide kick scooter has a durable folding joint

The Fuzion City-Glide kick scooter has very low deck

The Fuzion City-Glide kick scooter is very light weight

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