The CITYBUG2S is a European electric scooter, designed in Germany. It has a number of innovative and advanced features which makes it stand out from the other escooters in the market. Here’s a round up of what makes this scooter different.

Euro Design
Designed in the international headquarters of Citybug in Germany, the CITYBUG 2S has simple, clean lines and is designed for an understated urban look. Electrical cables are cleverly concealed, and it doesn’t even have or need an electronic display. The scooter is one that city dwellers will not be sheepish to bring around. It is unimposing in the office, looks competent in the grit of the streets, and is confident in the trendy shopping belt.

Built for the City
Many electric scooters attempt to cater to the wide ranging needs of every rider. The CITYBUG 2S does not. It is designed specifically for urban commute in a modern city. With this in mind, it is deliberately more compact and more maneuverable than other scooters of the same weight class. The weight of the scooter is sensibly balanced so it feels lighter than it really is, and is easy carry around when folded.

citybug2s joint

Above: the folding joint is often the weakest part on other electric-scooters. But for the Citybug2S, the joint is the thickest and strongest part of the chassis.

Solid Ride
Most escooters are foldable, and so inherently has some looseness or ‘play’ in the folding joint. Not the CITYBUG 2S. It has the most sophisticated and secure folding mechanism we know of. There is practically zero unnecessary movement in the joint. This is because of a tensionable ligament which can even be re-tensioned to take up any slack that comes with regular use. That means the scooter is always as taut and solid as when brand new.


citybug throttle

Above: fuss-free and well calibrated thumb throttle for easy control.

Linear throttle response
The thumb throttle has an impeccably calibrated linear response. It is sensitive and predictable enough for the scooter to do without a 'speed selection' control for its entire power range. There is no sudden surge when you accelerate, but a smooth and progressive speed-up.

citybug2s built for the city

Impressively high Torque
While e-scooter newbies concern themselves with top speed or maximum range, the experienced rider knows better. Torque is the parameter that has the greatest impact on ride-ability. The CityBug2S's 48 volt battery delivers an impressive 17nm of torque through the 350W motor, powered by Panasonic Lithium ion batteries. It has perhaps the best weight/size-to-power ratio of any escooter in the market at the time of writing.

citybug2s rear wheel

Above: puncture-proof rear tyres

No Flat Tyres
Rear tyre punches are common for rear-wheel driven escooters. The weight of the wheel hub motor subjects a lot of stress on the rear tyre, especially at high speeds or over bumpy ground. The rear wheel of the CITYBUG 2S has a non-pressurized hollow core. It has shock absorption properties close to that of pneumatic tyres, without the risk of puncture.

Double the safety with Dual Brake System
You can slow the scooter with the bicycle-style handbrake, or by stepping on the rear fender. The handbrake is durable and does not need re-tensioning like in a bicycle because it is not connected to the rear with a physical cable. It slows or stops the scooter electronically with the “Electric Assist brake System”.

Politely Quiet
The 350 W brushless DC motor is one of the most discreet motors around. The rider can often overtake pedestrians without them noticing.

Intelligent Power Management
Unlike other e-scooters, the 2S onboard controller drives power to the motor based on the rider's weight and riding conditions. When riding downhill, the scooter will scale back power to avoid exceeding the scooter's speed limit of 22km/hr. When going uphill, the scooter detects the extra workload and feeds more power to the motor to drive it up.

Update your scooter
As the engineers in Germany improve the onboard software, you can get your scooter’s firmware updated. Simply ride in to appointed dealers for a firmware patch and enjoy improvements in power response, brake-feel or battery efficiency.

Exclusive and Uncopied
The CITYBUG 2S hasn’t been copied by low-priced makers. That’s always a sign that the engineering and design is sophisticated enough to defy imitation.

All in all, the CITYBUG 2S is a sturdy, versatile e-scooter for either a pleasure ride or for the daily commute. It is neither the fastest or longest ranged machine, but it delivers a very high quality, responsive ride, in a beautiful package.

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