30% off Bont Jet, Enduro and Pursuit

If you enjoy skating for exercise, and want skates that unleash your speed, power and control, speed skates are the skates you want on your feet.

Bont is a leading maker of competition speed skates, and have a good collection of semi-professional skates for fitness and cross training.

Enjoy 30% off skates in our existing stock, and an additional $50 off if you trade in your old skates. This offer does not apply to pre-orders or skates not in stock. While stocks last!

These are the models on offer:

Bont JET

One of the most widely used entry level competition speed skates. The JET packs lots of value for money with features that will satisfy all but the top professional speed skaters. Fully heat mouldable. Available in Black and White.

Bont Pursuit 

The Pursuit is a cross-trainer, for skaters who want speed-skater performance with fitness recreation skate comfort. It is often an option for skaters thinking of getting a high end exercise skate. It is a good introduction to speed skates and come fitted with relatively easy to handle 100mm wheel frames. Fully heat mouldable.

Bont Enduro

The Enduro is a cross trainer and entry level speed skates. It comes with 110mm wheel frame and a lace cover for more secure fit during races. Fully heat mouldable.

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