Why Buy at Skateline

Here are some good reasons to get your skates and gears at Skateline:

  • Pro-shop Service

    Our experienced pro-shop staff are all skaters. We know about skates, proper fitting, and the technical bits about gears and accessories. Even the best skates will give you problems unless it is fitted professionally. Ask your skating friends and they will also tell you about the genuine service you will get here.

  • Largest range of skates and gear

    It won't be easy to find a skate pro shop with more men, women, junior and specialisted skate models. Choose from different brands, models and even model-years.

  • One Year Warranty for Skates

    Skateline stocks only good quality skates and gear made by international manufacturers. If your skate breaks, bring it back to us. If it is a defect,  we will repair or replace it. However, please note products sold at clearance prices are not covered by warranty.

  • Size availability

    We are one of the few, if not the only skate store to carry half-sizes. So you can be assured of the best possible fit. And we are not a store that will sell you a size too big or too small because we don't have your size in stock.

  • There's always a good bargain

    Take advantage of our special offers from over-stocked or clearance items. There are always some around because we've got so much stuff!