Terms and Conditions for Skate Volunteering at Charity Bike 'n' Blade 2018

Disclaimer and Indemnity

By participating in this event, you understand and is willing to undertake the risks involved, which may includes permanent disability or death due to unforeseen circumstances in the sport. You agree that you will not hold the organizers, i.e. Skateline Kinetics and Beyond Social Services and their staff or employees responsible for any form of injury sustained during the event.

Terms and Conditions

  • All types of skates are welcomed
  • Volunteers must wear a full set of protection inclusive of helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist pads/gloves
  • Wearing of the event shirt is preferred


  • Arrive at least 20 minutes earlier to attend the volunteers briefing and gear up
  • Ensure that your equipment are in a serviceable condition
  • Be familiarized with the route
  • Carry a first aid kit if possible
  • Encourage the youths by cheering them on
  • Watch out for other park users, give way if necessary
  • Remind the youths to hydrate themselves periodically
  • Attend the event from start to end, take part in the closing ceremony too


  • Push or pull or offer physical help to the youths to accomplish the journey
  • Skate too fast or solicit the youths to race with you
  • Skate solo and ignore the youths or not being a part of the activity
  • Provide wrong or misleading directions to the youths which may cause them to go the wrong way
  • Cause any form of inconvenience to the public park users
  • Use any form of words or languages that will demoralize the youths
  • Attempt to apply first aid if you are not trained or confident, try to call for help