Skate and Scoot Challenge T&Cs and R&Rs

  • For children between 5-14 years of age only.
  • Event will be cancelled in case of inclement weather, wet ground or lightning risks.
  • Participant must be present and be ready before each competitive event. Failure to do so may render disqualification.
  • Each event will start on time. Late comers may be disallowed to participate.
  • Terms are subjected to changes without prior notice.

Inline Skates

  • For intermediate skaters and above.
  • Full set of protective gears is mandatory inclusive of helmet, hand guards, elbow pads and knee pads.

Skate Scooters

  • 3 wheeled or 2 wheeled scooters are both allowed.
  • Electric scooters are strictly prohibited.
  • Helmet, elbow pads and knee pads are mandatory


  • The decision by the referees is final and no disputes will be entertained.
  • No pushing or shoving, or acts of foul play is allowed. Any of these will result in instant disqualification or results being voided.
  • All participants must adhere strictly to the boundaries for each event.
  • For scooters, participant must have at least one foot on the scooter during movement. No 'running' with the scooter is allowed.