Safety Tips for Social Skating Activities


By taking part in this activity, you understand the risks involved in urban skating and is willing to be responsible for your own safety, and will not hold any personnel or staff from Skateline Pte Ltd responsible in any circumstance pertaining to injury or unfortunate incidents. You agree to comply with the necessary instructions as briefed to you before and during the activity.


SNS Safety Instructions


Protective Gear

  • Protective gears can help prevent injury to our joints and head
  • Wrist pads, Elbow pads, Knee pads and Helmet are strongly recommended



  • Blinking lights can help alert vehicles and other pedestrians
  • A torch is recommended to spot things on the ground in dark areas



  • Foldable umbrella or raincoat can come in handy during wet weather situations
  • A large plastic bag can be used to keep your skates dry
  • Stay away from trees when lightning is eminent



  • Wear something light and comfortable
  • Bright colours make you more visible


First Aid

  • Basic first aid items, for e.g. bandages, plasters, etc can be useful
  • Basic first aid skills and CPR knowledge can come in handy


    Situation Awareness

    • Keep your eyes open to avoid hazards like cracks, raised surfaces, wet or sandy patches, fallen twigs or seeds
    • Alert the skater behind you when you spot a hazard
    • Slow down early when going down long slopes
    • Always cross roads at designated crossings only and obey traffic rules
    • Avoid overtaking the lead skater or marshal
    • Do not cause any disturbance to other road users or pedestrians
    • Keep a lookout for fellow skaters and help anyone in need