Private Lesson


Designed for those who prefer an exclusive, highly customisable class with lots of personal attention. Perfect for individuals, couples, friends or families who want to learn skating together. Learn skating at your preferred time and location. Learn faster and have more fun as the instructor can adapt to you or your group's preferences. Terms and conditions apply. 

We can only schedule lessons booked at least 3 business days in advance. Bookings are subject to availability.

Course Fee (Per 1-hour lesson)

  • $80 for first learner, $40 for each additional learner. 

Example: 4 skaters

$80 for first learner,
$120 for 3 additional learners ($40 each)
Total = $200 for a session


  • Your choice of time, date and venue.
  • Instructor teaches you and your group only.
  • Where possible, the same instructor will teach all classes. This allows closer tracking of your progress.
  • Learn at your own pace. Instructor can go faster to cover more skills, or go slower for more thorough practice.
  • Learners in your group can be of different skill levels.
  • Complimentary Learn-to-Skate (LTS) Booklet
  • To book a private class, contact us.


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Lesson Terms and Conditions apply.