Instructors Wanted

Above: instructors and Skate Assist Volunteers in training

Love to skate? Get paid to indulge in your passion, and share your interest in skating as an instructor with Skateline!

Whether you are thinking of making some pocket money on skates, or considering teaching inline-skating as a freelance professional, we have positions for you.

We are looking for new freelance assistant instructors or professional instructors.

skateline freelance assistant instructor

Freelance Assistant Instructor

As a Freelance Assistant Instructor, you will support our professional instructors in teaching people to skate. We will teach you how to teach, and brush up your skating skills along the way. Most of the training will be done by learning from our professional instructors on-the-job. Pay starts from $8 per hour, and increases as you gain experience and skills.

If you have the interest and the potential, we will also guide you all the way until you attain a professional international certification like the Inline Certification Program (ICP).


  • must love to skate, and want to share your passion in skating
  • at least 16 years old
  • have your own inline-skates
  • can skate, stop and turn confidently


  • learn how to teach inline-skating in a real world environment, on-the-job from professional instructors.
  • a chance to take free inline-skating lessons taught by our professional instructors to brush up your skills.
  • a chance to undergo training towards attaining a professional certification in inline-skating instruction.
  • enjoy special discounts when purchasing inline-skates and gear

skateline professional instructor

Freelance Professional Instructor

If you already have a local or internationally recognised certification in teaching inline-skating, you can join us as a freelance professional instructor.

We will train you in our teaching methods so you can teach skating lessons independently as our uniformed instructor. Pay starts from $25 per hour, and increases with certification level.


  • possess a nationally or internationally recognised inline-skating certification, like the Inline Certification Program.
  • at least 16 years old.


  • flexible work based on your availability.
  • be engaged on ad-hoc basis, or on regular basis.
  • enjoy special discounts when purchasing inline-skates and gear

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