Inline-skating Lessons for companies and organisations

Skateline teaches inline skating to companies and organisations

Skateline conducts inline skating courses for companies, schools and other organisations.

Below are just some of the companies that have learnt to skate with us. See the whole list here .

Companies that have learnt to skate with Skateline

Why learn to skate as a team?

Skateline provides all inline skates and gear for corporate skating lessons at companies or organisations

Many adults who did not pick up inline-skating when they are growing up often don't start at all because of the fear of falling. Inline-skating can be learnt easily and safely with professional guidance. So learning to skate from scratch as a team will be fun and rewarding. The memorable shared experience of learning a new skill together will stay with the team for many years.

Why Learn with Skateline?
  • one of the first skate schools in Singapore, since 1999.
  • the only skate school to field only adult, mature and internationally certified ICP professional instructors.
  • a long track record of teaching organizations to skate. See the list of organisations we have taught.
  • learn on your company grounds, a public park, or our selected sheltered weather-proof venues.

What's included in a lesson?
  • free use of inline-skates and all required protective gear
  • special corporate prices for purchase of skates and gear
  • instructor ratio of 1 professional instructor to 10 or fewer learners
  • group accident insurance coverage in case of injuries

It is fun to take inline skating lessons as a company with Skateline
Flexible Lesson Formats

Choose from one of the following formats:

1)Single Session Clinic for total beginners (1x1.5hrs)

This fun introduction teaches total beginners how to stand up safely, balance safely, fall in a safe way, and the correct basic skate and roll movement. Your team will be up and rolling with a smile even if they have never skated before.

2)Three Session Basic Clinic (3 x 1.5hrs)

This trilogy covers all the important foundation skills of correct skating movement, stopping with brakes, and basic turning. Some balance and power exercises are also included. You team will be able to skate safely on their own on a flat surface like a tennis court at the end of this program.

3)Five Session Intermediate Clinic (5 x 1.5hrs) 

Your team will learn basic as well as intermediate methods to skate, stop and turn. They will be confident enough to skate independently in parks for fitness benefit or join social skating events through urban areas after this program.

Lesson Fees

Lesson fees vary depending on the number of learners in your team and number of sessions.

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