ICP Level 1 November Singapore hosts both young and old

The latest November ICP program in Singapore was conducted successfully at the Singapore Sports Hub, home to many events and occasions. It was a breathe of fresh air as the previous programs used to be conducted at multi-storey car parks due to the availability of shelter.

This program saw 8 candidates from all walks of life, both young and old, trying to fulfill their dream to become certified instructors. Among them were 14 year old Gideon Low and 15 year old Ethan Wong, who have started learning skating in their younger days and have blossomed into teenagers and instructors wannabes. Their parents were very supportive of their children's ideas and promptly wrote in to ICP for approvals. 

The 2.5 days program started on the evening of November 3 at a classroom in town where the candidates were given a detailed theoretical presentation about the program. For some, the new knowledge introduced meant lots of downloading to do.

Our training seminar started on full swing on the 2nd day. The Sports Hub was a splendid location as it not only offers shelter, but also a full concrete running track for the candidates to practice their skills. The building also housed many eateries and shops, which made lunch breaks easy with plenty of food to choose from.

Introducing and demonstrating the teaching models for the various skills was easy for some but harder for others to absorb as some of the candidates had prior teaching experiences. Nonetheless, we tried our best to let everyone have as many practices as possible, teaching various skills of different difficulty levels.

All gave their best and it was nice to see the experienced ones offering their assistance to help the rest level up as much as they could within the day, as the final day meant assessment. The candidates enjoyed learning how to deliver skating skills with systematic and effective methods.

We started the the final day with the theory test at a nice venue that could house everyone together. Thereafter, the teaching skills assessment went underway. Candidates drew lots to decide the skill they need to teach and the order they will proceed with. 

The skating skills assessment came after lunch, and everyone had their chance to strut their stuff, especially during the free expression segment. It was interesting to watch them piece various skills into a presentation to impress the examiners.

We ended the the program with a sumptuous graduation dinner in the evening, where we can debrief the candidates on their results with our feedback and reviews. 

Once again, it was a very fruitful experience to conduct the program and to examine skaters to become instructors. It was a significant weekend and made us feel proud to be ICP examiners and continuing to be the beacon for ICP in Singapore.