Cycling Camp Syllabus

For the upcoming camp  from 27 to 29 November at Pasir Ris Sports Centre Level 1 Foyer area, you will be focusing on the Learn-To-Cycle & Level 1 (Traffic Free) skills.

The aim of the programme is for participants to be competent and confident to balance and control a bicycle (see table below for range of skills).




Level 1 (Traffic Free)

Level 2 (Park Connectors)

Level 3 (Road)

Level 4 (Leisure/ Competitive Event)

Achieved Competencies

1.   Carry out helmet and bicycle check, fit and adjustments

2.   Balance

3.   Control of Bicycle

4.   Mount and Dismount

1.   Start off pedal without help

2.   Cycle in a straight line

3.   Stop without help

4.   Control the direction of bicycle

5.   Safely mount and dismount without help

6.   Safely carry and push bicycle without help

1.   Look all around including the rear without loss of control

2.   Power Start

3.   Cycle in a straight line at walking speed

4.   Corner and Make a U-Turn

5.   Figure of 8

6.   Fixing a dropped chain

7.   Shift Gears

8.   Ready Position

9.   Stop quickly with control

1.   Understand Rules and High Way Code

2.   Be aware of potential hazards

3.   Cycle with Single hand

4.   Signal intensions to other road users

5.   Look into the rear and keep a straight line

6.   Controlled skidding


1.   Hop on front and/or rear wheel

2.   Sprint

3.   Descending

4.   Climbing

5.   Track stand

6.   Physical contact of body and/or wheel when moving

7.   Remove and replace water bottle without looking down

8.   Cycle with others in close proximity


To be attired and brought along:

  1. Long track pants / Long socks covering just under the knee/ Leggings (this will help prevent scratches from pedals)
  2. Full water bottle and a snack
  3. Gloves as optional
  4. Covered shoes
  5. Cap to ensure snug fit of free size helmet

What is provided:

  1. 20 inch BMX Bicycle
  2. Free size Helmet
  3. Experienced Coaches registered under the National Registry Of Coaches (under Sport Singapore).

All Coaches have valid Standard First Aid and Automated External defibrillator certifications

$105 per participant (inclusive of 3 hours each day over 3 days)


Participants can bring their own bicycle and helmet

For participants below the age of 6 years old may not be able to fit the bicycle and helmet provided you may still attend the sessions with your own equipment.

Further questions please contact or call 81683918