Administrative Instructions for Inline Amazing Race

*Please take time to go through this instructions thoroughly.


  • Participants are to report to the administration counter located at the skating rink in Park 2 at least 20 minutes earlier to register their attendance, gear up and collect their energy pack.
  • Participants are allowed to inline skate or kick scoot for the event.
  • All participants are required to wear full set of protective equipment including helmet, wrist pads, elbow pads and knee pads for skaters and helmet, elbow pads and knee pads for scooters. No restriction of the type of skates or scooters used.
  • Water bottles are mandatory.
  • The race briefing will commence at 1pm sharp. Late comers may be need to wait for existing teams to return from their task to join the team. Existing teams will need to include the new member assigned as the race progress on if one is allocated to them.


Conduct of Amazing Race

  • Participants will be grouped in teams randomly with each team comprising of between 5-7 participants. Those who registered as a group can stay as their own team.
  • Each team will draw a lot and will be issued with a photograph randomly showing a clue of a location.
  • The teams will then need to identify and skate to the location together. Each team will be accompanied by a referee equipped with a mobile phone.
  • A photograph will have to be taken at the location with the referee's camera comprising of all team members with the location as the background clearly shown.
  • The referee will send the photograph to the administrator and will receive the next photograph clue if correct.
  • Each team will need to identify 5 locations correctly no later than 3 hours. Teams will be advised to return to the administrative point if they failed to complete all locations within the allocated race time.
  • The first team that completes all the location identification swiftly and correctly and returns to the administrative point wins the race.
  • Referees will be notified if a winning team is born, and his/her respective team can cut the race and return to the administration point.


Rules and Regulations

  • All participants must complete the tasks together and no team should leave any member behind.
  • No foul play or cheating is allowed.
  • A junior team leader will be appointed within the team to ensure that team integrity is maintained.
  • In the event of a draw, the winner will be crowned based on the timing taken to complete the tasks.
  • The area of this race will span across the entire Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park including Park 1 & 2.
  • All teams must behave in an appropriate manner and skate safely and observe all park and traffic rules and not cause any disturbance to other park or road users.
  • Different teams are not allowed to share clues or information with each other. Failure to comply will result in time penalties.


Misc Instructions

  • All teams are expected to hydrate themselves when necessary either with their own drinking bottles or drink dispensers at the park. The referee and team leader will ensure this and the team can rest if absolutely necessary.
  • In the event of inclement weather during the race, the race will be on hold. All teams must seek refuge at the nearest shelter or safe facility and await further instructions by the administrator.
  • In the event of injuries, mild cases will be treated by the referee while serious cases will prompt the deployment of ambulance evacuation to the nearest medical facility.
  • For group registration, each member must submit own registration form independently, but can indicate the 'Group Name' for the administrators to take note.