USD Aeon 72 Aggressive Skates (Pre-Order)

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Once the decision to create a new aggressive inline skate had been made, we had to be sure that it would stand out from the crowd. We decided to break the rules that have been abided by for the past 14 years, and think outside the box – why does a skate need so much hardware? Is UFS really the best solution?

For USD, the Aeon would be about performance, the key word in the creative project. We designed an affordable, high performance skate that combines the boot and soulplate (unibody), minimizing hardware and moving you closer to the ground, enabling perfect control while at the same time maximizing the possibilities of larger wheel use with all the benefits of this new, low center of gravity.

We are proud to announce that with our new unibody design our boot is actually lower with 72mm wheels than many other skates that use 58mm wheels.


  • Boot/shell: USD Aeon unibody construction fitting 4x 72mm wheels; NO UFS mounting
  • Liner: heat mouldable MY FIT Skinny Boy liner
  • Wheels: USD 72mm/88A Wheel
  • Bearings: Wicked Abec 7 bearing
  • Brake: No Brake included


Powerslide follows European Sizing so the accurate comparison should be done using the EU sizing. The centimetres on the box might differ slightly from the table below. It is safe to follow the table below.

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