Sunbody Compact 145mm

Pin It Fancy

A practical medium-sized entry-level scooter which is compact and portable. Perfect for daily commutes between home/office/MRT and running errands. Suitable for short to mid-distance rides. Handle bar height is adjustable to suit teens to adults.

Available in black or white.



  • sturdy powder-coated full-aluminium body
  • fast yet lightweight medium-sized 145mm polyurethane (PU) wheels with durable 88A hardness
  • front suspension absorbs shock from bumps and cracks
  • lightweight, less than 3KG
  • portable short deck, easily carried onto buses and trains
  • easy 2-step fold-and-carry
  • full-length deck grip-tape for secure footing
  • fully foldable handle bars
  • max load 100KG

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