Small Group (4 Lessons)

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It’s more fun to learn skating together with your friends or family. To start a Small Group lesson, simply find 3 friends or family members (up to a maximum 6 participants). Then, let us know your preferred day and time for the lesson. We will then assign an available instructor to teach your group once a week. Each lesson duration is 1 hour.

Small Group lessons are purchased in sets of 4 lessons.


  • One instructor, just for your group. Where possible, the same instructor will teach your group for the entire course.
  • Learners can be of different ages and experience levels
  • Same time and day every week, easy to plan.
  • Flexible: Adjustments to the schedule is possible, as long as they are requested a week in advance and if the instructor is available.

Course Fee:

  • $110 per learner (4 x 1 hour lessons, 1 lesson per week)
  • $135 per learner if there are only 2 learners in the group

    Course Venue:

    You can indicate your preferred days and times for the Small Group lesson after completing payment for this lesson. If you have questions, please contact us.

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