PS Samurai Racing Inline Skates (PRE-ORDER)


3-wheel skates combine dynamic rolling, agility and skating pleasure like no other skate, they are lighter, faster and lower. The different look and feel of 3-wheel skates is breathing new excitement into inline skating, and now, for the first time, skaters from different disciplines like fitness-, speed- or even free-skating enjoy the many advantages of rolling on 3 big wheels.

MyFit is specialized in personal fitting and improves and perfects the comfort and fit of your skates. MyFit offers various items to customize the performance of your skates or to upgrade them. Our MyFit liner can be heat molded and will adapt completely to the shape of your feet guaranteeing a perfect and snug fit. Check out the other MyFit items. MyFit makes the skate to YOUR skate!


The shell is made of 100% 3K carbon fiber. It is constructed around a new shape that is designed for a more narrow fit. The carbon is constructed in a very specific way to make the boot as stiff as possible but at the same time keep the weight to an absolute minimum.
Also new is MYFIT technology with is a revolutionary heat molding process than ensures that the skater can shape the boot to their feet. Need to redo it? No problem with MYFIT technology it can be done as many times as needed.

As with all Powerslide race products the materials used for construction of the upper are the highest quality materials available. They are designed to be light weight, and long lasting. To withstand all the pressures and stresses of intense competition. The outside material is a PU leather, and the lining is made up of a microfiber that designed to be comfortable and keep the skater’s feet as dry as possible.


  • Shell: PS Carbon fiber 195mm
  • Boot: Finest materials for our high performance boot
  • Frame: PS XXX 12.8” AL
  • Wheel: Matter G13 125mm F1/86a; made in USA
  • Bearings: Wicked Japan
  • Closure: Adjustable ratchet buckle to optimize the power transfer
  • Padding: New padding for more comfort and control

**Wicked (WCD), is a new hardware brand, and the Samurai skate features the new JAPAN bearings. For more information on WCD visit


Powerslide follows European Sizing so the accurate comparison should be done using the EU sizing. The centimetres on the box might differ slightly from the table below. It is safe to follow the table below.



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