Powerslide Abec 5 Bearings w/tool

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Product Description:

The Powerslide Abec 5 bearings are made of 52100 chrome steel, Delrin (DU PONT) retainers, polished balls and receways in combination with a special high performance oil allow the fastest and smoothest ride.

Powerslide Abec 5 bearings are fully serviceable.


  • Bearing type : 608ZZ
  • Cage : Delrin (DU PONT)
  • Balls : Steel
  • Lube : Syntetic Gel
  • New Freespin Technology
  • Include 16 ABEC 5 Bearings
  • Include bearing remover / skate tool

Powerslide follows European Sizing so the accurate comparison should be done using the EU sizing. The centimetres on the box might differ slightly from the table below. It is safe to follow the table below.

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