Mobot Speed mini 4S


The Speed Mini 4S is the latest compact 8″ tire electric scooter with a suspension seat, trolley wheel and anti-thief alarm.

The Speed Mini 4S comes with a front, and rear light, rear drum brake, front suspension and a colored LED display.

Weighing 13kg and with a 24V 250W Motor and 8AH battery, the Speed Mini 4S is a lightweight 8″ electric scooter with a front suspension.

The Speed Mini 4S can be trolley around with the built-in trolley wheel making it the best option for public transport without sacrificing on comfort for picking a scooter with smaller tires.

The 2 seconds quick folding mechanism is simple and easy to use once you get your hands on and when folded the scooter can fit all the car boot we tested so far without any issue as the seat is collapsible and the saddle can be removed easily.

The Speed Mini 4S is LTA Compliant/Approved based on the Active Mobility Act.


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