Scootaheadz (Danny Dino)

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Danny Dino is your scooters best friend


  • fits most T-bar scooters, some bikes and even
  • makes your scooter look cool and fun
  • easy on: comes with an in-built t-shaped
    mechanism to allow the scootaheadz to fit
    right over the handlebar
  • is made from PVC (that's the stuff that makes
    him last for ever and ever)
  • doesn't need a big dinosaur bath tub –
    he's really easy to wipe down
  • Danny Dino is totally waterproof
  • meet his little gang too! Danny has lots
    of fun playing with them

This is how you turn your scooter into your
favourite friend: It's as easy as one, two, three.

Use your fingers to widen the gap of my neck, point my nose 
upwards & slot me down firmly onto the horizontal bar
(no need to move the handle grips).
Now simply push my nose
down and forwards so I attach
to the vertical bar. Don't worry,
it won't hurt me!
bd easyon 3
Wheeeee! I'm ready for
lots of adventures.

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