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ARC delivers one of the best in modern protective equipment. No matter the sport or style, choose an ARC gear to ensure maximum safety and comfort. Comes with dual straps and easy slip-on design to ensure maximum protection without compromising comfort. It has additional padding in breathable fabric that minimizes abrasion and improve ventilation suitable for longer sport sessions. Unlike most other gear with rivets, ARC is held together by heavy duty threads and the hard shell is designed for greater flex and impact reduction.


XXS: (wrist 10-14cm) (elbow 15-21cm) (knee 19-27cm)

XS: (wrist 12-16cm) (elbow 16-24cm) (knee 24-33cm)

Includes A pair of Wrist, Elbow and Knee Guard
Shell PE Protective Cap
Fabric Ventilated and Abrasivefree Polyester
Closure Double Velcro Straps with Easy Slip-on

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