Terms and conditions for Referral Program

  • Referee must be a new student signing up the lesson package for the first time
  • Both referrer and referee must be active students in our classes
  • New student must indicate the referrer's name and contact number in the registration form when registering for classes
  • Referrer's discount will only be applied to the next package, not immediately
  • Discounts can be accumulated only on a monthly basis and will be applied on the following month. For e.g. if Jon signs a package for January, and during that month he referred 3 new friends to sign up for classes as well, then he will receive $30 off when he renews the package for February. Referrals cannot be put on credit and be used to offset package purchases for future periods.
  • Discounts are only applicable for lesson packages and not retail purchases.
  • Not applicable for Inline FunStart and Skatecamp. Referee needs to sign up for Open or Small group packages to qualify referrer for the discount.