Powerslide Freestyle Skates

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If you have been getting by on a random brand of freestyle skate, or have been thinking about switching from soft-boot to hard-boot, this is the time!

Here's the quick overview of these skates. For full product details, click on the collection at the bottom of this page.

Powerslide Imperial 80

The Powerslide Imperial is the flagship freestyle skate model from German maker Powerslide. Since its launch in 2014, it has quickly become one of the most important hard-boot skates in the market. The key feature is the ergonomically sculpted boot, which is carefully balanced between support and flexibility.

The standard Imperial 80 has enough support and control to be a tough and dependable skate for freestyle slide or slalom. They come stock with the heat-mouldable MyFit liner. It is the most popular Powerslide freestyle skate because of the very high performance at a very competitive retail price.

Ksenija Komarchuk on the Powerslide Imperial Fluoro

Above: Ksenija Komarchuk on the Powerslide Imperial Fluor.

Powerslide Imperial Evo & Imperial Pro

Both these models are souped up versions of the Imperial 80. They have the same shell as the Imperial 80, but inside, they are fitted with the famously comfortable MY FIT FATBOY heat-mouldable liners.

In addition, the Imperial Pro (right) comes with the super-lightweight Alpha frame, competition grade ILQ9 bearings and made-in-USA Matter wheels. The Imperial Evo (left) comes with made-in-USA Dual-density Powerslide Defcon wheels on the understated Beta frame.

Powerslide Khaan

powerslide khaan inline skate

The Khaan is a versatile skate, suitable for city commute, casual skating or some freeskating. They have a wider, more boxy boot so they are very comfortable for most foot shapes. A handsome and functional tool for skaters looking for a good quality, do-it-all skate.

Powerslide Ultron

powerslide ultron inline skate

The Ultron has a similar boot construction as a competition-grade freestyle skate or speed skate. Unlike hard-boot skates, it does not have a separate hard-shell boot with a soft liner inside. It has a single-piece boot with soft cushion wrapped around an internal skeleton. It comes with ABEC 9 WICKED bearings and Powerslide Spinner Wheels. The Ultron offers control and performance close to that of a competition skate.

Powerslide Hardcore Evo 2

powerslide hard core evo inline skate

The Hardcore Evo 2 is used by many professional and semi-professional freestyle skaters around the world. It is a competition-grade skate. With a 100% carbon fibre boot, this skate is well known for its great fit right out of the box. You can further personalise the fit with heat moulding, which is unique in the freeskate world. This skate allows you to heat-mould an as many times as you need, and at specific spots of the boot.

High quality materials guarantee a long lifetime. The Hardcore Evo comes with super-light and stiff Spider Pro pre-rockered aluminium frames, Spinner wheels and Twincam ILQ 9 classic bearings from WICKED. Simply one of the best freestyle skates money can buy.

Paulina Czapla on the Powerslide Hardcore Evo 2 (custom color)

Above: Paulina Czapla on the Powerslide Hardcore Evo 2 (custom color)

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