Bont 3PF Midpoint




In 2005, with the introduction of larger inline wheels, Mr. Inze Bont designed and patented the 3 point skate.

The curved carbon structure and middle mounting point added a huge amount of strength to the base of the skate. Outdoors, the 3 point skate delivers more power to the ground than any other skate on the market but indoors and on the banked track, our test teams said that they wanted a little more flex to allow the frame to turn.

One Solution is to use two pairs of skates. 3 point for outdoors and 2 point for indoors. Another solution is to make a skate with a removable middle mounting so you have the flexibility of being able to insert the midpoint when you need power and remove the midpoint for the track when you need your skate to turn.

The 3PF Midpoint will work with most 2 point boots but it will only work with Bont 3PF frames. This product is patented in multiple countries.

Speed skates are a high performance apparatus so it is not always easy to have one size chart that will please everyone because some skaters like their skates tighter than others. So, what Bont has done is provide you with the exact last sizes so you can use it to determine your Bont size. As a basic rule, most skaters like their boots to be 3-4mm longer than the last. This allows for your feet to grow in length when the boots are tightened. If you like your boots super tight, then just add 1-2mm but be warned, your toes will touch the end and possibly be scrunched.

Bont boots comes in various width for each size. It makes it easy to determine if you have wide, standard or narrow feet. For example, a size 4 boot will fit a 86 - 90mm wide foot. If you have a 91mm wide foot, then you would probably be better off with a wide boot.

To find your size, place a tape measure on a flat surface up against a wall. Stand on the tape measure with your heal against the wall. Look down and take the measurement from your longest toe. Then use the MM scale on the size chart to find your size.

Here are some examples of mm sizes for speed skates and the boot size that Bont recommends (

253mm + 4mm you should order size 6.5
273mm + 4mm you should order size 9

Do double check with us when you are buying a Bont Skates. If you buy the skates from us, you are entitled to free heat molding services in Singapore.


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