e-TWOW Variant Electric Scooters

[Image: Zoom]

Originally designed by Romanian Dr Sorin Sirbu, the e-TWOW is a very popular electric scooter in Asia and Europe. The e-TWOW is sold in Singapore under various brand names.

These scooters are popular because of their simple design, portability, and relatively low cost. Because it is one of only a few electric scooters in that market that can be comfortably carried onto buses and trains, it is probably the most common model of electric scooter on the island.

Sold under brands names like Zoom, Scoooby, Superwheel, Mobot and others, this scooter is available in variants of different colours, battery capacity and motor power. Because of these variants, there is a wide range of prices for what appears to be the same products.

    Scoooby e-twow electric scooter

    Skateline is pleased to present two of the most prominent brands of this scooter: Scoooby and Zoom Air. Collectively, this gives you four different price points and performance variants to choose from. To help you identify the price/performance profile, we have made an easy table below. Come for a test ride today!

    Model Price Top Speed Max Motor Power
    Zoom Air 2 Eco $1,099 26km/h 250W (156 Wh batt.)
    Zoom Air 2 Booster $1,299 26km/h 250W (214 Wh batt.)
    Scoooby 336 $1,249 30km/h not listed
    Scoooby 338 $1,399 30km/h 500W