Freestyle Ice Blade V2




Fits majority of the inline frames that are designed to be used with the wheels in the range of 72-84 mm.

This blade is designed to give a similar feel on the ice that you would have on your wheels. Perfect for practicing inline skating year round, Freestyle / Slalom / Artistic skating and for recreational skating!

Transformer Ice blades are made out of high quality Stainless Steel (1 pair) and please note that a professional sharpening of the blades before mounting them at local pro-shop is recommended. Spacers are made of aluminium (16 pieces included).

All of the parts that are required for installation of the ice blades are included in the package. The only tool that would be needed is a standard inline Axle Tool or 1/4″ / T25 Allen Key (not included). The first installation may take around 10 minutes, while the next ones will be much quicker.

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