LTA Launches Ride with Respect campaign

Posted on April 26, 2016 by Edmund Vong

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has launched a public education campaign to promote safe riding of bicycles and other personal mobility devices (PMD) on pedestrian and shared pathways.

This follows the recent adoption of the LTA's Active Mobility Advisory Panel's recommendation to the LTA about the guidelines for safe use of PMDs.

The "SAFE RIDERS, Ride with Respect" campaign centres around safety and consideration for shared use of public spaces and pathways, with the idea of "A Safe Journey for All". The message is distilled into seven easy-to-understand practical advice, targeted at riders:

  • give way to pedestrians
  • push our bikes in crowded areas
  • stop and look before crossing roads
  • go slow in the presence of pedestrians
  • keep left on the path
  • alert others before overtaking
  • switch on lights when it's dark


These messages are delivered in a set of seven well thought out and community-friendly posters. The posters show pedestrians and bicycle, kick scooter and electric personal mobility device riders of all ages and races using public spaces thoughtfully.

While these advice do not address specifics like speed limits, the use of safety gear or the physical limitations on PMDs, it is easy to see that following them can have a direct impact on improving the safety of movement in public spaces.

The public can also make their Safe Riders Pledge through the campaign website at

In support of the campaign, we list all the seven posters here for your enjoyment. Let's Ride with Respect.

Ride with Respect: Let's Keep Left on the Path

Ride with Respect: Let's stop and look out before crossing

Ride with Respect: Let's alert others before overtaking

Ride with Respect: Let's push our bikes in crowded areas

Ride with Respect: Let;s switch on our lights when it's dark

Ride with Respect: Let's go slow as others are around

Ride with Respect: Let's give way to pedestrians