Race frames from medal-winning frame maker Maple

Posted on July 27, 2016 by Edmund Vong

Maple logo

Maple speed skating frames have broken more records on ice than any other brand. In February this year, Maple merged with Zeleritaz Racing Sports, becoming Maplez (pronounced as "maple-zee"). Now this Dutch maker is transferring their experience in making lightweight, high performance ice speed skating frames to inline-skating frames.

Maplez has only a single line of frames, and they pour all their expertise into it.


The Maplez Pink and Gold NG frames are super stiff, super-light and are designed to transfer the maximum amount of power from your push into the wheels and ground, for the most efficient push.

Maplez inline-frames

Mathias Vosté giving it all on his MapleZ Gold Frames during the qualification on the 300 meter during the European Championships

Above: Mathias Vosté on his MapleZ Gold Frames during the 300m qualification of the European Championships, 2016.

Check out the frames:

Maple frames