Posted on July 14, 2017 by Edmund Vong

The Etwow is the original brand and maker of a very successful electric scooter model which is often seen on the streets of Singapore. The Etwow is being sold in Singapore under labels like ZOOM, Scoooby or Mobot.

Instead of buying through private label importers, now the Etwow is available in Singapore directly from the source. The Etwow Booster Version 2 is the latest iteration. 

It has two main refinements.

The first is a vastly improved throttle and brake response. The scooter accelerates smoothly, and brakes smoothly, unlike earlier versions which can feel 'jerky' during acceleration and deceleration.

The second is a well designed rear wheel, with a shape that offers a larger contact patch for better traction and deeper and denser grooves to drain water more effectively on wet surfaces.

Put together, the Etwow Booster Version 2 offers a more comfortable ride quality with improved safety when turning corners than its predecessors.

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