Chillafish balance bikes

Posted on December 21, 2016 by Edmund Vong

Sold in over 50 countries, Chillafish bikes for juniors are truly an international brand.

In particular Chillafish has a number of balance bikes design for super-young children from the age of one, when most other makers are designed for ages three and up.

Original and innovative in design, every Chillafish model has a unique feature not found on other balance bikes.

For example, the Chillafish Bunzi can be transformed between a tricycle and a two wheel balance bike. Because of this it can be used by a child as young as one (in tricycle mode.

The BMXIE, Chillafish's flagship balance bike, is not just a regular balance bike but tough enough to be use for dirt riding when other balance bikes are not (hence "BMX", or Bicycle Motor Cross).

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